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  • Paula

    Dr.Salamay is fantastic

    Dr. Salamay is giving me LIFE back. His approach is what I’ve been looking for all my life. Dr.Salamay is fantastic and a miracle doctor!


  • Michelle

    The most amazing doctor

    This is the most amazing doctor I’ve ever met in my life! I’m originally from Houston, Texas and had some of the best of the best in medical and healthcare. Dr. Salamay has done more for me in a week than 15 doctors have done in 30 years.

    Michelle G.

  • Robin

    Transformed my life

    He literally has transformed my life from enduring chronic and severe joint pain and frequent, totally debilitating migraines to being functional again He is the only medical professional who has actually sought to find and treat the root causes of my pain.

    Robin T.

  • Jonathan

    Dr. Salamay’s care changed my life

    Before I met Dr.Salamay I had horrible migraine headaches, insomnia, fatigue and weight gain. I could not focus on playing with my kids, I was taking loads of Motrin every few hours, it totally put a draw on my life. Dr. Salamay’s care changed my life, he’s a great doctor!

    Jonathan C.

  • Casey

    Dr. Salamay takes great care and time

    No other doctor has ever gone into such great detail of my health history, delving into and connecting the symptoms to answers of underlying health issues that have plagued me all my life. He even fixed my TMJ issues. Dr. Salamay takes great care and time at each appointment to address what’s needed, and by doing so he gets true results.

    Casey G.

  • Martha

    Actually listens to you!

    Dr. Salamay has helped me tremendously with my chronic health issues. He makes you feel you’re the only person in his office at that time, never rushes and actually listens to you! I truly believe he is a gift from God.


What Some of Our Amazing Clients Say

Paula G

Paula G - Paula was suffering from numerous problems since her mid 20’s. Listen to her recovery story - how Dr.Salamay’s whole body approach helped her to get rid of her medical problems.



Janet - Janet was suffering from fibromyalgia from the last 47 years. Listen to her story of recovery after she started her treatment with Dr.Salamay.



Gay talks about her story of suffering from back pain, carpal tunnel, how she was unable to move her neck from left to right and recovering from it with the help of Dr.Salamay. Listen to how she was able to recover by Dr.Salamay’s approach that changed her life by his valuable adjustments.

Samir Bannout

Dr. Tony has impressed me with his exceptional knowledge, he is all about delivering health and help to his patients and others by explaining the exact details on how and why certain things work. I can honestly say, I highly recommend him to those who are seeking to improve their health from inside out, he will get the job done.

Thanks Dr. Tony for what you have done to improve my health.
Samir Bannout,
Mr. Olympia , Mr. World, Mr. Universe, Bodybuilding Hall of fame.

Tavia P.

Tavia P- Discusses how her brain function and memory have improved since the start of her care. She talks about how she was able to return back to school and excel academically since Dr.Salamay’s treatment of her nervous system and biochemistry.


Tara B.

Tara B- Tells her story of her long time suffering of Fibromyalgia and TMJ pain and how she was able to overcome her condition since the start of treatment with Dr.Salamay.


Staley P.

Staley P- Explains her story of suffering for 3 years with the inability to walk on her left leg from a herniated disc while playing basketball. She was quickly able regain her ability to walk on her left leg after seeing Dr.Salamay in such a short period of time.


Robin T.

Robin T – Talks about her long road of suffering from Migraines and Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Listen to how she was able to quickly recover and regain her life back after seeing Dr.Salamay.


Jonathan C.

Jonathan C- Jonathan talks about his road to recovery after suffering from Chronic Pain and Insomnia for the past 5 years.


Dawn B.

Dawn B- Discusses how her life has changed completely after being treated by Dr.Salamay for headaches and spinal problems that occurred 20 years ago from a serious car accident.