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Functional medicine doctor-Panama City, Florida-Bay Clinic of Chiropractic

Have you heard of functional medicine, but have no idea what it is? Have you considered visiting a holistic practitioner? Well, before you do, you owe it to yourself to fully understand what functional medicine is about and what a functional medicine doctor can do for you.  And once armed with that knowledge, you’ll wonder why you waited so long! Think of functional medicine as the big picture of health. It uses a systems-oriented approach to examine the intricate relationships of your body, mind, and health.

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Dr.Salamay Answers Top 10 FAQs About Chiropractic Care- Bay Clinic of Chiropractic

You might have seen videos of patients lying on a special table and a chiropractor doing hand manipulations to help them with their pain. Often times, sounds may be heard as a result of an adjusment, releasing nerve pressure due to a subluxation. A subluxation is a misalignment of the spine causing nerve interference, in return, the chiropractor tries to restore the proper communication between the brain and spine by removing the interference resulting in improved mobility, decreased pain and increased function of the spine and corresponding nerve.

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Chiropractic Care versus Traditional Medical Care

Are you suffering from mild to severe pain and discomfort?  Whether it is your knees, hands, neck, back, fingers, toes, or another part of the body that hurts, you may be ready to schedule an appointment with your primary care physician.  This is nice, but have you considered chiropractic care?  If not, you should.  It is similar, but also very different from traditional medical care.  How?

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Effective functional treatment for wrist pain

Have you been feeling consistent pain or discomfort in your wrist? If you are then don’t suffer in silence because it may get worse with time. Instead of traditional remedies opt for functional chiropractic treatment for wrist pain so that the pain is treated from its roots and you get long term pain relief. Wrist pain can be caused by a sudden injury or stress, or due to degenerative body conditions like arthritis. One of the major causes of wrist pain is a condition called carpal tunnel syndrome.

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What is Whiplash Treatment?

Whiplash is a neck pain or strain in the neck as result of injury to the soft tissues like muscles, tendons and ligaments. In most cases it occurs during an accident which causes the neck to go back and forth abruptly and beyond the normal range of neck movements. The motion resembles that of a cracking whip, hence the name. The flexion-extension motion put undue strain on the intervertebral joints, cervical muscles, discs, and ligaments leading to nerve root damage.

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Finding the best Wellness center

When we read about healers in history we are filled with wonder. The chronicle of their expertise sound magical. But in reality their approach was simple. Focus on wellness and healing will be easy. That is the underlying ideology behind wellness centers. As the very name suggests, a wellness center is a place which focuses on overall healing and complete wellbeing of the system. If you are looking for the best wellness center in your city, you will know you have the right place when the doctors treat a multitude of ailments in the best

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Advanced Weight Loss Programs

With rising obesity, more and more Americans are facing myriad health problems which can be easily prevented or even reversed if a sustainable weight loss regimen is followed. If you are looking for weight loss programs in Panama City, Fl. you get an added edge at Bay Clinic of Chiropractic in Panama City Fl. You get the firsthand experience in going through a program which is not just fitness and diet routine but one which takes the entire body into consideration. Sounds too good to be true?So let’s take a look at how it works.

A truly effective weight loss program is one which is done holistically. With weight loss treatment at Bay Clinic you will get just that. These are safe, drug free approaches to losing weight and tackling obesity by focusing on various health and wellness methods. The focus is not just weight loss but the overall healing of the body.

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Getting Treatment for Ulcerative Colitis

If you are looking for treatment for Ulcerative Colitis in Panama City, Fl. then you havethe choice between traditional medication which will lower the symptoms temporarily, or you can opt for advanced and functional medicine which will go deeper and try to heal the abnormalities from within. Along with Crohn's diseases, Ulcerative colitis forms the disease group called inflammatory bowel disease or IBD. Almost 2 million Americans suffer from this condition which can have lasting effects on your health if not treated properly and in time.

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Functional treatment of depression

Sadness, feeling miserable or being down in the dumps, we have all felt the many forms of depression one time or the other. Changing moods, high and lows of emotions are natural parts of the human mind. These feelings are inevitable but alternate between themselves. But if feeling blue gives way to a persistent feeling of depression over a long period of time then one is suffering from clinical depression or major depressive disorder. Unlike the former this will not go away by itself and needs intuitive therapy to revert the symptoms.

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Getting holistic TMJ Treatment

TMJ or temporomandibular joint disorders denote problems with jaw, its joints and the surrounding facial muscles. There are two TMJs on either side of the human jaw and these are made up of a complex web of blood vessels, nerves, bones and muscles. These joints are essential for functions like chewing, swallowing and general jaw movements. Pain is this area hampers these functions and be deeply irritating and uncomfortable for day to day living. Treatment for TMJ

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Chiropractic Treatment for Sport injuries

Injuries sustained during sports or very strenuous exercises are called sports injuries. Most of these are musculoskeletal injuries though any part of the body can be affected during such impacts. Immediate treatment comes in the form of the RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation) therapy which can relieve the pain and lower the swelling at the moment. Pain meds are also administered to help players deal with the pain. But none of these are long term solutions and you need advanced chiropractic

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Proper shoulder pain treatment

Shoulder pain relates to all kinds of pain in and around the shoulder. They may result from ordinary contusions or strains or from more serious cases like heart attacks, major impact and trauma. The shoulder is a ball and socket joint responsible for a wide range of movements making it easily susceptible to injury and damage.The pain may be in the joint or originate from one of the many surrounding muscles, tendons and ligaments.Treatment for Shoulder pain

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Effective Rheumatoid Arthritis Treatment

Rheumatoid arthritis is a chronic form of arthritis that affects joints on both sides of the body unlike the other forms of arthritis. It is an autoimmune disorder that leads to severe inflammation of joints and surrounding tissues and affects other organs in the body as well, like the lungs, heart, blood, nerves, skin as well as eyes. Unlike traditional forms of treatment, advanced chiropractic treatment for rheumatoid arthritis treatment does not just focus on relieving the symptoms or preventing joint damage.

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Opting for the Right Restless Leg SyndromeTreatment

Have you been plagued with vague uneasy sensations in your leg which urges you to constantly move and shift them? Has it been giving you sleepless nights and causing undue fatigue? You are probably suffering from Restless Leg Syndrome but the good news is that it can be treated. And if you are in Florida then it is more than good news for here you can opt for advanced and functional treatment for Restless Leg Syndrome in Panama City, Fl. which is holistic and comprehensivecare that goes beyond than just temporarily treating the symptoms.

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